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Bottega Estadio 1912 at Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads is one of the nicest meeting places. It is the perfect combination of café, restaurant, and wine bar. Bottega Estadio opened its doors for the first time in the spring of 2021. The idea was to create a meeting place for those who live and have their daily walk through the northern bridge quarter.


A beautiful location

With its eminent location, in the middle of one of the liveliest areas on Østerbro, Bottega Estadio is an obvious place to settle down when hunger strikes. In this area of Copenhagen, there are always various leisure and sports activities going on as this is where Østerbro Stadium, Sparta's training rooms and Øbro Hallen, are located. The café has a beautiful view of Fælledparken, where many of the activities take place.


Expanding on the concept

The team behind Bottega Estadio are the five Copenhagen boys; Tobias, August, Alfred, Oliver and Daniel. The team is also behind Bottega Barlie on Fredericiagade in the inner city. Barlie has been, and still is, a great success, which is why the five comrades dared to expand with another café with the same concept; a place completely down to earth with a focus on the local vibes.

The new restaurant Bottega Estadio is bigger and has room for 100 guests inside and 80 outside. The café has a lovely terrace, which, especially in the summer, is a great place to sit and enjoy the sun.


Walk-in culture

The Bottega Estadio is an easily accessible place, and they encourage the "walk-in" culture. Swing by for a cup of coffee or a crispy croissant while out for a walk. Or maybe you and your friends are looking to blow off some steam with a few beers or wine. The café's evening menu is Nordic-inspired with a South American touch as the head chef Julian is from Mexico. They offer Nordic specialties such as oysters and exotic dishes such as ceviche. It is an incredible mix of the cold from the Nordics and the heat from the south.

In addition, they have a raw bar where they serve lots of different fish and vegetables made on the la plancha grill. On the wine list, you will find many different wines from both near and far. They offer conventional, sweet, and natural wines.

Besides beer and wine, they make delicious cocktails! Bottega Estadio is the perfect place to visit when evening arrives, and you are looking for a good atmosphere and some coziness.