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Restaurant Substans is centrally located in the heart of Aarhus. The restaurant serves Danish and French gourmet diches in casual environment and at a sensible price.

The menus – that have been praised by reviewers – are created using the best ingredients of the season and with a great deal of creativity.

Down to earth

In Restaurant Substans, the kitchen chef is Nicolas Min Jørgensen, and he focuses on creating gourmet dishes, that are down to earth:

“This means that we create gourmet food but that we don’t necessarily use luxury produce like foie gras or tenderloin. We have a sustainable approach where we use other pieces of meat, than what is normally associated with a luxury product – e.g. a pork shoulder or a crest. “Even though it may seem more challenging to cook a gourmet dish with these types of meat, it actually gives many new possibilities.

A tenderloin is such a delicate piece of meat, that you can’t really do anything with it, without ruining it. With a pork shoulder there are so many possibilities – you can for example braisere it, smoke it or salt bake it.

Michelin starred

In February 2015, Restaurant Substans was awarded a star in the Michelin Guide. This has lead to a larger renovation of the restaurant: “The concept in the kitchen is unchanged – because we have been awarded with the star because of what we have done and not what we will do in the future. However we have chosen to renovate the restaurant, to make it more pleasant and mere adequate to the Michelin standards,” says Nicolas Min Jørgensen.


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