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GORILLA is located in one of the raw buildings in the meatpacking district of Copenhagen. The restaurant is started by some of Copenhagen's best gastronomic entrepreneurs, Rasmus Oubæk and Jesper Marcusen, who are also behind the restaurants Pluto, Otto and Retour in Copenhagen.

The restaurant was started in 2014 and has since then been a popular eatery with fully booked calenders.The restaurant, which seats about 220 guests, is ideal for larger flocks becuase of their affordable and shareable dishes.

Affordable dishes

On the menu you will find an intreaging selection of shareable snacks and à la carte dishes, big and small, as well as a menu of 10 dishes for DKR. 375, - and a menu of 15 servings for DKR 450, -. The wine selection is mainly European and focuses on fruity and happy wines.

If you prefer cocktails, there is also ample opportunity for this at reasonable prices.

No dogmas

At Gorilla Denny Vangsted is the head chef, and he's working from a philosophy that strict dogmas have never been good for anything:

"On Gorilla, we are not working not dogma, so we pretty much make what occurs to us. We change dishes several times a week, so when we find something exciting, we just make it. For example, we use black sesame during one week and wild garlic in the next, "

Denny Vangsted says, adding:

"We are very passionated about our craft: we make our own pasta and hang our meat and sausages ourselves, and furthermore it means a lot to serve the dishes in an elegant way. You could say that we cook for ourselves, we make what we like and hope that guests agree with us. "


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