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At La Bonne on Smallegade, you can taste a bit of Paris even though you haven’t left Frederiksberg.


La Bonne: The good

La Bonne is French, and it means ‘the good.’ Everything this restaurant stands for revolves around ‘the good.’ The good food, the good atmosphere, the good wines, the good service and everything else that is important when out dining and treating yourself. At La Bonne, everyone is welcome, whether you are here for a quick bite or the entire evening.


A homage to the French café milieu

La Bonne is the epitome of the French kitchen. It’s simple, unpretentious and highly accomplished flavours created from the best ingredients, produce and, of course, made with lots of butter. The restaurant is a homage to Frederiksberg but also to the French café milieu, which is a big part of France. At La Bonne, you will experience the same kind of hospitality, which is a key feature in France.

The restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner. The menu consists of delicious dishes that you can eat as a la carte or as a menu. How about an authentic French Parisian toast? Or a crispy croissant? Or perhaps you’d like to dig into their three or five-course menu created by the chef? Every day, there are new opportunities to try new delicious French dishes.


Attentive staff

Here at La Bonne, nothing is a coincidence. Step inside the gorgeous and beautiful space where every single aspect of the restaurant has been carefully chosen. Couple Carsten and Pop Vinding own La Bonne, and they consider the restaurant to be their second home. Here, they take care of every single guest and ensure that every guest is having a great time. It’s important for the Carsten and Pop that every guest leaves with a smile on their face.


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