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At Nørrebro on Fredensgade near Fredensbro you will find the newly opened Restaurant Guldkroen. Guldkroen is a Danish pothouse, serving classic danish dishes in a cozy home setting.

Danish food at its best

At Guldkroen they have thrown their love on the classic Danish cuisine, so if you love traditional Danish food, with a lot of butter or cream Guldkroen is undoubtedly worth a visit!

On the menu, you will find a selection of Danish signature dishes made with respect for the raw ingredients, lots of love and good workmanship. You can try their prawn cocktail, salmon or “tarteletter” for starters. Meatballs for main and the very classic danish dish “rødgrød med fløde” for dessert. You can also choose the chef's 3-course menu for only 200 kroner or challenge your friend in “tartelet”- dining with a round of 'tartelettes ad libitum' for 175 kroner.

Beverages ad libitum

Guldkroen is the perfect location for this year's Easter - and Christmas parties, as well as nice moments with friends - not only because of their classic Danish food, but also because of their beverage concept. For 275 Danish kroner, you can have beer, water and wine ad libitum for a total of two hours.

"When you leave, you are supposed to be so tired and drunk, that you need the staff to call a taxi for you," says one of the owners to AOK. The man behind Behind Guldkroen is the chef Umut Sakarya and Frank Svärd Pedersen, who has worked as chef at Kokkedal Castle and therefore is more than used to cook.


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