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Restaurant Relæ

In a cellar in outer Nørrebro in Copenhagen you will find the Michelin Restaurant Relæ. Here, the concept is simple: Tasty food - no more no less.

Relæ has become internationally renowned since the restaurant in 2012 won a star in the Michelin Guide. Furthermore Relæ has moved up the list of The World Best Restaurants, and in 2016 it hold a place as number 41 in the world.

 Affordable Michelin food

The Danish-Sicilian chef Christian Puglisi (former souschef at noma and chef at the three starred Michelin Restaurant El Bulli in Spain) started Relæ in 2010 with a dream to offer guests high gastronomical quality at an affordable price

Creativity in the kitchen

Behind Relæ lies a dream to create a new type of restaurant. A restaurant that allows the chefs to experiment and where the center of the dishes is creativity. With its concept Relæ tries to free itself from the normal boundaries and play with our view on gourmet, bistro, cantine etc. 

Casual atmosphere

At Relæ, the atmosphere is just as important as the food. The restaurant focuses on creating a casual atmosphere and therefore you will not find fancy napkins and cloth on the tables. Furthermore the decor of the restaurant is simple, raw and minimalistic.


Relæ is the only Michelin Restaurant in the world, that has also achieved the organic gold mark. It is therefore no surprise, that the restaurant both in 2015 and 2016 has achieved the special prize "Sustanable Restaurant Award."

Sustainability plays a big role for the restaurant and it exclusively uses organical produce in the kitchen. But the sustainable idea is not "just" reserved for the food. Relæ strives to take on a sustanable approach in all areas - from the food and wine to the ressources they use and in their decicions for the staff. 


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