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Kødbyens Fiskebar

The old main entrance to the Meat and Flesh Hall in the Meat City in Copenhagen will no longer lead you to rows of meat - Instead you will find plenty of fresh fish.

At Kødbyens Fishbar in Copenhagen the focal point is the best seafood from the waters around us.

Fresh seafood

At Kødbyens Fiskebar they only use fresh produce. Therefore, the menu card varies according to season - and even from day to day depending on what kind of fresh seafood that is available on the given day. Here you will find plenty of possibilities to slash fresh oysters untill you are full - both oysters from Arés, Brittany, Normandy, Marennes and the good Danish Limfjord. You will also find delicious seafood like knife mussels, scallops, mussels and king crabs as well as fresh fish such as sprouts, trout, cod and hake.

For everyone

At the Kødbyens Fiskebar you will find a wide selection of dishes focused on seafood. There is something for everyone; both small raw and cold dishes, snacks from the warm kitchen and bigger, hotter dishes.

If there is a vegetarian in the crowd, then don’t worry. The kitchen always has a delicious vegetarian option, and if someone in the family is more into meat than fish, then you are fortunately not gone in vain - There is always some meat to find on the menu too.

High quality

Whether it is fish, vegetables or other products, the good quality is always good. Kødbyens Fiskebar carefully selects the raw materials and cooperates with retailers and producers that focus on taste, quality and sustainability. At this restaurant you can look forward to a dining experience that is informal, atmospheric and high quality.

Stop by Kødbyens Fiskebar for dinner every day and for lunch Saturday and Sunday.


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