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On a side street to the popular Rantzausgade in Copenhagen, is the cozy eatery Sidecar. At Sidecar, you can hang out all day long for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and lots of ‘hygge.’


Drinks & great food

The food here at Sidecar consists of a little bit of everything, and the menu changes throughout the day to match the time of day you visit them. In the morning, you will find the classics such as croissants, buns and bread with cold cuts and cheese, skyr and other delicious breakfast items. Are you dining for lunch, you can enjoy delicious sandwiches, soups, salads, avocado toast and whatever else you need to get through the rest of the day.

In the evening, the place turns into a terrific Asian restaurant, which prides itself on having the best Gua Bao in the city. Besides the delicious Asian delicacies, you can enjoy delightful cocktails, cold beer, and natural wines.


Best Bao in the city

MAOBAO, a concept that started as a street food venture in 2015, has become a permanent part of the Sidecar café. The restaurant is well-known for its amazing Bao, which are soft, damp, Taiwan buns with different fillings.

In the evening, MAOBAO takes over from Sidecar and creates delicious dishes such as Baos and other Asian tapas. Come by and let your taste buds enjoy an evening full of interesting and surprising Asian specialties and tasty cocktails.

The MAOBAO kitchen serves food Tuesday – Sunday from 5.30 pm – 9.30 pm.


Vegetarian & allergy-friendly

At Sidecar, everyone is welcome – that includes vegetarians, and people with dietary restrictions such as gluten allergy and lactose intolerance. It can be hard to go dining when you have allergies. Therefore, Sidecar has created a menu that makes it super easy for everyone to go out for a bite to eat.

Try, for example, their Veggie Brunch, their gluten-free Rhubarb Brunch and their lactose-free Skyttegade Brunch and their standard Sidecar Brunch. You can also find vegan and allergy-friendly options on their everyday morning menu and lunch menu.


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