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Restaurant 108 is located at Christianshavn at the end of Strandgade. 108 is inspired by the great development that has taken place in the Danish restaurant scene over the last decade. The ambition is to explore and create the essence of an urban restaurant that is close to nature and the farms without losing connection to the city's atmosphere.

Noma's little brother

108 is also known as Noma's little brother. The place offer many of the flavor experiences that characterizes Noma, but with a more affordable price, so you can eat a few dishes without spending thousands of dollars.

The kitchen is mostly local. However, if they need ingredients that are more exotic, they will use it to ensure the ideal flavor composition - because flavor is the most important at 108.

“Our starting point is that the raw ingredients that are used in our kitchen comes from locals. Like Noma, we work close together with the farmers. On the other hand, there are no written rules. If we want to use something that comes from outside the borders of the Nordic countries, such as Japanese seaweed or citrus fruit, we will do that, "says kitchen manager Kristian Baumann.

Peoples’ restaurant

"108 should be a place where families can meet on a Monday for a quick dinner and where friends can spend a Friday night to explore our menu. Our goal is to contribute to the amazing traditions developed in the city over the last ten years and to help shape the Copenhagen kitchen scene in the future," Kristian Baumann explains.

Kristian Baumann

The chef at 108 is Kristian Baumann, who earlier worked at the restaurants Relæ, 1st and Noma.

The rest of the team behind 108 are the restaurant manager Jacob Møller, who worked as assistant restaurant manager at Noma, CEO Thomas Østergaard Bagge, former Booking Manager at Noma, and of course a bunch of talented chefs and waiters.