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Bistro Sommelier - Hamburg

Classic French brasserie and international wine bar in Hambourg. Bistro Sommelier is an international hotspot at the cosy district of the Holzhafen in Hambourg.

The newly opened "Bistro Sommelier" is a splendid mix of beautiful architecture, French vibes, art, exclusive wines and delicious food. The cuisine is classic French brasserie style serving dishes like French toast and tartines for brunch and oysters, hors d'oeuvres and Moules Frites for lunch and dinner. In other words it is a great place for everyone who have a passion for French food.

Inspired by Copenhagen restaurant
The entire concept is a development of its sister-restaurant in Copenhagen, Le Sommelier, which is still a star on the wine-map of Northern Europe. The restaurant follows the classic French style in both cooking and décor.

A unique blend
The atmosphere in the Restaurant is a unique blend of architecture, French lifestyle, art and exclusive wine and dine. In the restaurant, you can eat in beautiful surrounding experiencing exceptional interior, a glass front and the finest marble details that fits perfectly with the French menu that is served, which also includes a delicious brunch where the bread is baked in their own bakery.

Open all day
The kitchen is open all day and you can visit for both lunch and dinner. It is a place with space for diversity and is an ideal meeting place for businesspeople, wine lovers, artists and art experts and the rest of the world. Copenhagen Concepts The company behind the restaurant is the Danish Copenhagen Concepts who is also responsible for the steakhouse brand MASH and Le Sommelier in Copenhagen among others.


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