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Online booking systems for restaurants and cafés

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DinnerBooking delivers the best booking system which today is used by cafes, restaurants and larger restaurant chains.

DinnerBooking is the preferred business partner whether your needs are large or small. We have put together four different packages and prices, so you can achieve the solution that suits you best.

99.- DKK/mo

Simple booking solution at the lowest price.

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Get started:

  • Booking system for internal use.
  • Booking link to your own website.
  • Guest feedback from own website.
349.- DKK/mo

Fair online solution for small restaurants and cafés.

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All in Starter +

  • Table plan.
  • Online cancellation.
  • Free phone support.
699.- DKK/mo *

The best online booking system.

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All in Solo +

  • Advanced time schedule and table logic.
  • Control of larger parties.
  • Internal waiting list + messages.
*Can vary with consumption

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The tailored solution to cafés and restaurant groups.

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All in Business +

  • Shared restaurant management.
  • Shared guest database
  • Online referral between own restaurants.
Price per month 99 DKK 349 DKK 699 DKK Contacts us
Standard features included Hide        
Booking system
Unlimited online bookings from own website
Unlimited user access to both PC and Mac
Unlimited user access to iPhone and Ipad
Free online support
Automatic sending out guest feedback
Guest feedback widget to own website
Automatic distribution of email confirmation
Integrated newsletter system
Automatic SMS distribution*
+ Features Hide        
Free telephone support  
Online cancellation  
Integration to Google Analytics  
View history log on previous actions  
+ Features Hide        
Advance tableplan logic    
Advance timeplan    
Possibility to store guest history    
Managing various serving areas    
Differential distribution of messages via email and SMS    
Weekly, monthly and half year calendar incl. outline of future activities    
Personal customization of design in email and SMS    
Custom email confirmation    
Internal log function showing previous actions    
Internal waiting list function    
Attach files to a booking    
Send manually generated mail to the guest directly from the booking system    
Shared restaurant mangement system      
Shared guest database      
Shared guest database across different countries and time zones      
Referral between own restaurants in the online booking      
+ Print reports and statistics Hide        
Print report
Administration and waiter level  
Print report for specific bookings  
Extended print reports    
Extended stastitic function    
CRM logic for e-mail campaigns    
+ Integration Hide        
Booking link to Facebook
POS integration    
Duty roster integration    
+ Payment solutions Hide        
Ticket system to handle payments and events
Electronic giftcards
Approved payment solution to minimize no-shows
+ Promotion Hide        
Through and partners

* Pay per use

Let your guests book online day and night

Get professional consulting from our experienced professionals

Use DinnerBooking on various devices

With DinnerBooking you have the opportunity to increase revenue even more
Dinner Booking Booking system for restaurants on iPad and iPhone

That's why DinnerBooking is the right choice for you

As a business partner we want to ensure that you always have the best solution in connection to your needs. With us special three parameters are in focus:

  • Optimize the service to your guests.
  • Optimize your own time.
  • Make use of the opportunity for additional sales and increased revenue.

With DinnerBooking you can easily:

Setup you restaurant

The only requirement is an internet connection and a computer, iPhone or tablet - we'll help with the rest.

Access information from anywhere

You can easily access the guest information and share knowledge among your staff. Whether you use Mac, a PC or handheld is up to you.

Get an overview

We ensure quick overview of today guests, so you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Individualize the system to fit your needs

We emphasize that you all the way through can adjust the system so it fits your exact needs.

Join the country's largest booking site - and get exposed via and media partner

With the handling of more than 13 million guests a year is the country's larges booking site for restaurant guests. This means that as a part of DinnerBooking you will gain increased exposure of your restaurant, your guests’ reviews and your events to the right audience.

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Restaurants & cafés registered

+13 million

Guests handled annually via DinnerBooking

+3.5 million

Annual online bookings

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