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Amassed Dinner Series with Eli Kaimeh

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Amassed Dinner Series with Eli Kaimeh

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Amassed Dinner Series with Eli Kaimeh

The Amassed Dinner series is about gathering the best chefs, produce and guests to create a unique experience for both the chefs and the diners. It is a returning event that takes place three times a year. For each dinner, Matt Orlando will invite one of his chef friends from somewhere in the world to collaborate with him and the Amass team at the restaurant. Together they will cook an improvised dinner. Our guest chef will land in Copenhagen with nothing but his knives and clothes, making creativity and the ability to adapt to an unknown terroir, the challenge for our visitor. In the days leading up to the dinner, the two chefs will spend time learning about each other’s philosophies and techniques, while visiting our purveyors, scouting out the best local produce in season and create the menu based on this.

For the second Amassed Dinner, we are very excited to present Eli Kaimeh, Head Chef of the three Michelin starred New York institution, Per Se.

The menu consists of 10 servings.
Price per person DKK 995 (ex. ticket fee)

DATE: Thursday, 10th of August, 2017, from 18.30
GUEST CHEF: Eli Kaimeh, Per Se, New York
TICKET: The ticket covers the menu of the evening (995 DKK per person). You will receive both ticket and reservation confirmation via email
DRINKS: All drinks are to be purchased on the night. There will be an optional wine paring at 800 DKK
WHERE: Amass, Refshalevej 153, 1432 København K, +45 4358 4330
DIETARY: We accommodate dietary restrictions if given notice no later than 3 days before the dinner
COMMUNITY TABLE: For reservations for 1 or 2 people you will have the option of sitting at a larger shared table (up to eight people). If you are interested in joining the community table, please get in touch with us directly at
Please notice that dinner at the community table will start at 7pm.

Valid at:

Refshalevej 153
1432 København K